Sucker4Clothes ‘SIVC’ Pocket T-Shirts w/ Pocket Squares

After four years of blogging about fashion I finally took the next step and started my own brand. Right now I am standing just at the beginning but you can expect a lot more coming from Sucker4Clothes in 2012.

In my opinion there are too my brands focusing on graphic t-shirts so I wanted to drop something else but my logo still has to be featured on the t-shirts. There is a huge pocket t-shirt hype going on right now so I came up with the idea to release some exclusive SIVC pocket t-shirts with some specially tailored pocket squers for an upscale touch.

The SIVC pocket t-shirts are available now at my online store for only €15.00. I also accept international ordners but you have to hurry up because the t-shirts are very limited.

Take a peep at the lookbook after the jump or click here for the full lookbook.

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