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Sucker4Clothes x Lisbon

Alright guys, after eight months of hard work I will finally take some time off! I know I wasn’t really able to blog on a daily basis lately, but I promise I will be back after my short vacay. Next week I will be off to Lisbon for the first time ever! If you have a few tips for me feel free to post a comment below. I am looking forward to any nice restaurants, sightseeing spots and of course streetwear and fashion stores!

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So Leute! Ich bin in diesem Jahr bisher noch nicht wirklich dazu gekommen mir eine kleine Auszeit zu gönnen, doch endlich ist es soweit! Nächste Woche fliege ich für eine Woche nach Lissabon, um endlich mal ein bisschen abzuschalten! Die letzten Monate waren ziemlich stressig und ich bin nicht wirklich zum bloggen gekommen. Das wird sich nach meinem Urlaub definitiv ändern!

Ich war noch nie in Lissabon und würde mich auf dieses Mal über einige Tipps von euch freuen. Egal ob Restaurant, Sightseeing-Ideen oder Fashion Stores, hinterlasst einfach einen Kommentar mit euren Tipps. Wer bock hat kann hier meine Reise auf Instagram mitverfolgen!

Happy New Year, Suckers!

Hey everybody, another successful year over at Sucker4Clothes goes to an end. I want to thank everybody, who has helped me out promoting my blog and brand. I am doing this since 2007 now and there is no end in sight! 2013 is going to be big. You can expect my brand to grow, expanding my range of items and I am planning to take my blog to the next level.

Thank you for being a part of this journey – without you Sucker4Clothes won’t be nothing!

Stay tuned….

Sucker4Clothes x London …again

Tomorrow, I will be off to London again! I am really looking forward to the Carnaby 20% Shopping Party on Thursday 22 November. Over 100 shops will be participating at this event, including A Bathing Ape, Upper Playground and Johnny Cupcakes.

This trip will be all about shopping! I have put together a few links for those who are interested in London’s streetwear and designer toy shops. Please add your favorite shop as comment, if the list is missing other cool shops.

First of all, check out my list of shops here, that I have posted back in February. On High Snobiety, you will also find a pretty dope London store guide! During my Barcelona trip I came across, a pretty dope guide of all cool stores across the world! Check out this list of urban stores and designer toys in London!

I hope you enjoy my links… but I am still looking for a store that is selling 10.Deep in London, damn!

My Week in Pictures #15 | Barcelona

I am back guys! Barcelona was great and I had a fun time at the beach. I was a bit disappointed when it comes to shopping but hey – you don’t always have to shop your ass off! I picked up a few vinyl toys at SHObcn and a dope pocket t-shirt by Laser Barcelona over at FTC Skateboarding. I will post up some pictures of my pick ups later today, so check back!

Starting today, I will be back blogging for y’all! I came across a lot of new dope brands lately, which I want to present to you within the next couple of weeks!

Photos by Sucker4Clothes on Instagram

Sucker4Clothes x Barcelona

After working really hard for the last few month I have finally got some time off! For the next two weeks I will be going on vacation in Barcelona. I was looking for a city where I will be able to do a little shopping, go on the beach, go on sightseeing and visit a few exhibitions. In my opinion Barcelona is the perfect place for it!

Of course, I will be heading to the hottest streetwear and sneaker shops! Thanks to sneakerb0b for being a time saver because Bob has already put together a very dope Barcelona Sneaker Guide on his blog.

Are you missing any shops? What are your favorite shops or spots in Barcelona? I am looking forward to your suggestions!

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