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It feels like Gildan

At the moment, artists like Justin Bieber or Kanye West are on tour to promote their latest albums. Each day, thousands of people are looking forward to see their favorite artists on stage. Besides that, the fans are also buying tour merch to show their love and support. We all know that musicians make more money by touring than selling records.

Lately, I feel pranked by the fashion industry! Why? A lot of customers were complaining about these artists just printing their designs on Gildan t-shirts. For those who do not know: Gildan is a manufacturer for blank clothing items. For sure, everybody is using blank products, but at least tear off that label or use your own! Of course, the production costs are a lot lower than the actual retail price, but how can you sell a shirt for 45 $ retail when the plain t-shirt does not cost more than 5 $?

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